Comfort. Privacy. Speed.

Your new personal mobility.

Safety. Experience. Reliability.

Twin-engine helicopters and professional crews at your service.

Business. Pleasure. Fun.

Make your desire to travel take off.

Set your curiosity free to explore new horizons.
Fly with us towards your next destination.

Close your eyes and think of a place.
Now, imagine getting there quickly, safely and in total privacy.
Imagine being able to leave home, and arriving to your destination flying over breathtaking views.

Open your eyes, with ALPs all this is reality.

Timeless destinations

There are places that, being iconic, become preferred destinations to spend relaxing moments of vacation, to do some shopping, for a social occasion or for a particular event.

This is why we fly to some locations, selected on the basis of our customers’ needs.

Scenic Flights

Peaks, valleys, alpine lakes, pastures and cabins, but also ancient boroughs, towns and historical villas. Discover the beauties of Lake Como and the neighboring Valtellina and Valchiavenna. Choose one of our tours and get ready for an exciting flight, which will allow you to discover the wonders of the land of lakes and mountains from a unique perspective.

Designed for you

Are you looking for a prompt? A special weekend, an excuse to get away from everyday stress? We have some suggestions for you:

Choose the one you prefer, we’ll take care of everything else.